Life Style. - getaway to Vegas

 Taking a couple of days in Las Vegas to see what millions of dollars and unlimited imagination can create – was like a visit to  the world's largest amusement park. Las Vegas is a place that drives dreams and proves that anything is possible. 

Jeff Koons at the Wynn  / the Encore 

Perhaps because I wasn't out after 11 pm, it looks like the all American apple pie dream of success and shopping.  
However, it is based on this exactly – making millions from the hope that all gamblers have, of making money fast, getting rich quick.

The Venezia 

I didn't gamble or use any machines. I was busy taking in the vastness and the elaborate details 
of everywhere I went. Hotels that were designed to look like the most  luxurious and fantastic palaces, clustered in the middle of a desert, in the middle of nowhere. 


The distances are so great, that I used an electric cart to get from one hotel to another, to see the sights. With my grand daughter on my knee most of the time, I felt like I was driving through a fantasy.

The Wynn 

It was the furthest thing from home that I could have imagined. It was the most effective break from the current reality of the war  in the middle east. 

The Venetian 

It reminded me that we make choices about what our reality is based on what we believe.
Imagine looking at Vegas to see what belief and imagination can create – to see an alternative
reality !

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The desire to create, exists in all of us and it is expressed in many forms. 


Yes, as an artist I have experimented with textiles, paints, stone, wire mesh, wood, and clay. Clay is my great love, clay and color and the combination of both.



Still I am also always keen to be challenged with something I haven’t tried before.


As a translator and a teacher I draw on the same creative source to find the perfect match for a word, the right song or practice for a student. I trust my intuition and my experience amd do a lot of research and work to fine tune the results.


But we are creators in a much broader sense

and this is not limited to what we call creativity. 


What we think, creates our LIVES!


Everything we think and imagine is reflected in what we do, what we are and what we have.


 We literally create our reality through our beliefs.


This realization brings total responsibility for what we have in our lives.

It means we can no longer  hide behind blame of situations, other people, luck or fate.

Reality is simply what it is and our beliefs change what our results will be.


While in the studio with a lump of clay, I know this to be true. I know that what I imagine and believe -  I can create, and it will emerge on my work table.

I know that if I think I cannot do something, I will not be able to.

I know that what I imagine may take work and practice to achieve and  therefore I don't give up even if it takes time and consistent redoing until it succeeds.



in my daily life I sometimes forget this very lesson. My beliefs are not always in line with what I want to achieve and  it is these beliefs that I must identify and then change in order to create the reality I want.

Once we realize and understand this, there is no holding ourselves back.




It’s time to be who we were meant to be and let go of limiting statements, thoughts and underlying beliefs.

We meed a tool that will take us where we want to go, once we stop holding back, and I have found the tool that is helping me create the reality I want, which frees me to be an artist and a teacher.without strugglins financially.

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Do you feel hurt because of what someone did or didn’t do?

I felt that today, I felt hurt and disappointed by someone.

Then, once I had lived through the hurt for a while, and given it a respectable place, I realized that what needs to be examined is not what caused someone to behave in a way that hurt me when I “didn’t deserve it”, but rather what belief do I have that I am basing my judgment upon?

What is it that I believe that made me feel disappointed? Hurt?

                                                                                Photo by TheLoushe

Something in my basic beliefs created an expectation of a certain behavior and this did not occur. That doesn’t mean that the other person “HURT ME”, it means that their beliefs and mine do not coincide.

And more than that, it means that I would do well to re-evaluate the belief that lies at the basis of this expectation.

As it happens, I was hurt because someone in my family didn’t share with me, a very important and happy major event.  When I examine my beliefs which I have carried from very early childhood,I see that I am living according to certain paradigms regarding family and sharing. Related but separate issues.                                              photo by James2k11

My upset stemmed from three different beliefs, and these beliefs are mine. I am responsible for them and no one else has committed to    them.

  1. I believe that family and close friends inform each other of major occurrences, support each other through the hard times and celebrate together through the great times.
  2. I believe that when you have something exciting or sad in your life, it is natural to share it with those closest to you.
  3. And clearly I believe that if I feel close to someone they feel close to me too.

Since these are my beliefs and mine alone, there is no justification for me to be upset with anyone who doesn’t behave according to them. I may have signed up for them, but that doesn’t obligate anyone else.

Do I choose to maintain any of these beliefs? Probably not . They are based on childhood expectations and are irrelevant to a life of taking responsibility for my actions and only my actions and having the freedom of choice to change.

Do you have incidents in which your expectations of others are disappointed and based on your own personal belief which they do not share?

IT’s time to either change the beliefs or stand back and stop being disappointed. Or both.

Do leave comments,I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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The other day I was a passenger in a car on the highway where I have driven countless times in the past five years and suddenly I noticed these electrical pylons which I have never noticed before. I saw the star shape in the sky right above me and couldn’t believe how beautiful they looked, nor could I understand how I had never noticed them before.



There are so many details we miss as we go about our daily lives. So many things that slip by as we are busy getting where we want to go.

  But where are we hurrying and what else are we missing?

  It’s a great idea to stop and count our blessings, notice what we have, rather than worrying about what we don’t have and believing we haven’t enough – enough love, money, health…

It would be great to just know everything is in place, and everything is working just the way it is meant to.

We can also help this happen. We can make the choice to notice everything we have, to be grateful for it and to take positive action where it can yield positive results.

One such place is a blogging platform that also teaches you how to make money! Imagine a system that helps you reach thousands of people, telling them about what really matters to you, and also offering them the means to make money doing that – by offering an education in marketing online?

I have found exactly that!  This is a system that teaches how to help others so that you yourself will succeed. It’s a win / win situation and it’s totally in line with the new era of cooperation!

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Headlines this morning show a country whose national color is temporarily yellow, the Maccabi Tel Aviv colors ;:

I am listening to a country delighted in this accomplishment, as though each and every fan were responsible for this victory. And I am convinced they are. 

Winning at anything requires steady, ongoing and committed practice. We know that without consistent practice we hardly can expect to succeed on a long term basis. We start off without the skills and gradually through our dedication we develop the know how and the connection and the passion to maintain this dedication. 

But what we don't always realize is that the support, the environment, the connection with others - is often the golden key to our becoming winners. 

This is why blogging, and learning to market online works so much better when you have colleagues and yes, fans or followers, giving you a tail wind and helping you move forward. 

I have found an excellent support group, and in fact more than that, I have found a platform that keeps me updated with the best and the newest about internet marketing. An education in marketing along with a viral blogging system that enables me to keep writing about all the things I am passionate about, on one editing page, then designating the post to the relevant blog. All from one place. 

I write about art and sculpture and teaching and translating English, and I write about personal and spiritual growth. And all of these are directly related to sharing what I know, to supporting others who are going to become winners too. 

Just like Maccabi Tel Aviv Electra - lets paint our world in our colors!

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